NIBU Lockdown Teams Event (Swiss Format)

Results (to 22/11/20) for the 2nd Round of the Lockdown Teams can be found here.
Conditions of Contest can be found here . Team Members VP Scale for 24 Boards

All results to be emailed to Mobile:   07718392819

Default Settings for Match Play
1. Matches can be played on either BBO or RealBridge.
2. Matches to consist of 2×12 board stanzas.
3. Home team responsible for setting up matches.
4. Home Captain has seating rights for 1st stanza. Away Captain has seating rights for 2nd stanza.
5. Kibitzers not allowed.
6. Barometer scoring OFF.
Any changes to the above may only be made with the agreement of both captains.

Unidentified Trophy

The Union is used to finding that its various trophies sometimes seem to disappear but here is one that turned up at an auction in Leicestershire recently. The inscription reads as follows:

Northleigh Challenge Cup


Our thanks to Gerry Henry of Kelvin Malone Club for shedding some light on the likely provenance of the Northleigh Trophy. Research has shown that there was a house in Somerton Road, Belfast called ‘Northleigh’ in the 1950s. The ‘Belfast Jewish Record’ archives suggest the house was used as a meeting place for the Jewish community – perhaps including bridge play before moving to the Jewish Institute?

Any helpful comments should be sent to Hon. Secretary Michael McFaul .

On Line Tournaments

NIBU run three online tournaments

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday begin at 7pm and will run under vNIBU136
The entry fee will be $2 per person 

Click here for a guide to entering and playing in these tournaments

All competitors should note that BBO retains a complete archive of all hands played. Should any player fall under suspicion of cheating, their playing records may be accessed and presented as evidence

Results of the NIBU Tournaments can be viewed in the Results Calendar.

NIBU Interclub Duplicate Club Pairs

Two heats of the NIBU Interclub Duplicate Pairs were held during the week beginning 20 September. The winners of each heat are as follows:

Heat 1A (130 pairs) : Paul and Helen Tranmer, 72.41%
Heat 1B (60 pairs; Beatrice Lowry and Tom McKeever, 64.79%

As usual, we are very grateful to Ian Hamilton for his efforts over many years in organising the Interclub Duplicate Pairs.

Click here to see the full results.

NIBU Autumn Congress

The NIBU Autumn Congress was held online from 11th-13th September

A very big thanks to Ian Hamilton for his efforts over many weeks in setting up and administering our first online Congress. The event was an outstanding success with entries from all over the UK and Ireland. Total entries were as follows:
            Mixed Pairs – 90 pairs
            Congress Pairs – 60 pairs
            Congress Teams – 48 teams
            Intermediate Pairs – 50 pairs
            Open Pairs(2 events) – 32/26 pairs.
Click here for Congress website where full details and results are available