Outstanding League and Cup Matches

It has been agreed that outstanding league and knockout cup  matches from the 2019-20 season will not be played online. They will be played ‘live’ prior to the start of the next season fixtures – though it is impossible to say when ‘normal’ bridge will resume

On Line Tournaments

NIBU are now running three online tournaments
Wednesday afternoon will begin at 2pm and will run under vNIBU128
Thursday and Sunday will start at 7pm and will run under vNIBU130
The entry fee will be $2 per person 

Click here for a guide to entering and playing in these tournaments

Results of the NIBU Tournaments can be viewed in the Results Calendar.

Lady Milne and Teltscher Trophies

The Lady Milne and Teltscher Tropies will not take place on the planned weekends but will take place later in the year. Provisionally the weekend of October 30th – November 1st has been allocated by Bridge Great Britain.