Knockout Cups 2020-2021

Congratulations to winners of this year’s knockout cups

Kelvin Cup

Team Anderson – Rex Anderson, David Greenwood, Paul Tranmer, Wayne Somerville

Mackinnon Cup

Team Hamilton – Ian Hamilton, Sam Hall, Greer Mackenzie, John Ferguson

Millership Cup

Team McKeever – Tom McKeever, Ann Hassan, Eric Butterwick, Bill McCormick

Egan Trophy 2021

The Egan Trophy, the IBU All-Ireland Top Teams Championship, will be held on RealBridge over the weekend of 29-30 May 2021.

The 3 teams representing the NIBU are as follows:
– Brian McDowell & Alan Sharp; Michael McFaul & Neill Cauwood
– Rex Anderson, & Pat Barry; Wayne Somerville & David Greenwood
– Ian Lindsay & Ian Hamilton; Robin Burns & Diane Greenwood.

Primary School Bridge in 2020-21

Professor Samantha Punch is holding a major conference  ” BAMSA ” ( Bridge a mind sport for all ) in June. She has invited Norma Irwin and Norman Lacey to submit a presentation on the work they have accomplished in introducing Bridge into the Primary School curriculum in Northern Ireland. Here is their joint submission .

Terry Blackman RIP

We are sorry to hear of the death of Terry Blackman, from Warrenpoint GC Bridge Club.

Member, Michael A. Mc Namee writes:
“Terry was always a committee member in my time, and probably the principal driving force within the club. He was the person who brought Bridgemates, dealing machines and an on-line presence to our club. Very modest, his computer skills were breathtaking, and we shall sorely miss his abilities to set up and maintain the club website.”