Upcoming NIBU Events

Online entry form for the following events are available here

Northern Ireland Teams

Sunday 30th January at 11am on Real Bridge, NIBU’s premier team event

2 session round-robin teams with a 1 hour break between sessions

Entry fee of £20 per team must be paid into NIBU bank account before noon on 29th January when entries close – further details available on entry form

Teltscher Trophy 2022

Click here for details of the Teltscher Trials

Supplementary notes:
1.           The trials will be played online via RealBridge.
2.           AS the host nation, we will be fielding 2 teams this year.

Kilrea Bridge Club

On Tuesday 19 October 2021, the committee of Kilrea Bridge Club met to discuss the future of the club. With great ‘regret and a heavy heart’, the committee decided that the club would not reopen. For more information on the history of the club and bridge stock that is for sale, click here.