Egan Trophy 2022

The Egan Trophy, the IBU All-Ireland Top Teams Championship, will be held ‘face to face’ in the Europa Hotel, Belfast over the weekend of 28-29 May 2022.

The 3 teams representing the NIBU are as follows:
– Brian McDowell & Alan Sharp; Michael McFaul & Michael O’Kane
– Pat McDaid & Zrinka Kokot; Carol-Ann Cummins & John Noonan
– Ian Lindsay & Ian Hamilton; Michael Coffey & Fergal O’Shea.
Reserve Pair: Anne Fitzpatrick and Harold Curran

Entry Fee £65 to include dinner on the Saturday evening.
Overnight parking in the adjacent multi-storey – £12 overnight. Tickets to be verified at hotel reception before leaving on the Sunday.

Playing Schedule

Lady Milne Team 2022

The NIBU Lady Milne Team 2022 has been confirmed as:
Sandie Millership & Mary Kelly-Rogers
Norma Irwin & Kathleen Cassidy
Clare Watson & Heather Hill
Reserves: Diane Greenwood & Zrinka Kokot
NPC: Alan Hill

Teltscher Trophy 2021

This event will be played online on RealBridge over the weekend of April 16th – 18th.
Following the recent trials, the following team has been selected:

Brian McDowell & Alan Sharp
Rex Anderson & David Greenwood
Ian Hamilton & Ian Lindsay