NIBU ‘No Robot’ Tournaments

There has been an increase in the number of players partnering robots in the NIBU Thursday and Sunday tournaments. Members have expressed their frustration with this as they do not enjoy playing against robots. NIBU has therefore decided to carry out a trial of ‘no robot’ tournaments on Thursday evenings starting on 27th July and finishing on 31st August. Robots will only be used if an odd number of pairs register to obviate the need for sitouts.

Players who wish to enter but do not have a partner can make use of the BBO Partnership Desk – instructions on using this are available by clicking the link below. The facility is available once the event is open for registration at 5pm, players must then remain online in order that they can respond to invitations.

BBO Partnership Desk

If the event starts with an odd number of pairs the TD will substitute sitouts with players from the Partnership Desk and/or robots, should players included in this not wish to continue they can logout and will be substituted with a robot.

Feedback, both positive and negative, is welcomed – preferably towards the end of the trial period. This can be done through the ‘Contact Us’ option on the website.