New Teachers’ Seminar – May 2024

The CBAI is promoting a New Teacher’s Seminar to take place in Donegal mid-to-late May 2024. This is the course which Helen Hall successfully attended in 2023. The aim of the Seminar is to produce much-needed bridge teachers before next September for the new bridge season. For more details click here or contact Helen at .

Belfast Swiss Pairs Competition

This red pointed event took place on Sunday 7 April at Kelvin Malone Bridge Centre.
Full results here.
Prizes presented by Diane Greenwood, Vice Chairperson, NIBU.


The Mid Ulster Pairs Trophy took place on Sunday 24th March at Kelvin Malone Bridge Club. Congratulations to the following pairs:

Winners: Diane Greenwood & Brian Mullan

Runners Up: Helen Hall & Michael McFaul

Lady Milne Trophy 2024

The Lady Milne Trophy competition will be held in the City North Hotel, Gormanstown over the weekend of 19-21 April 2024.

The team representing the NIBU is:
Anne Fitzpatrick & Mary Kelly-Rogers
Clare Watson & Heather Hill

Sandie Millership & Anne Hassan
Reserves: Norma Irwin & Kathleen Cassidy
NPC: Helen Hall