Because of the prevalence of unethical behaviour by a small minority of online bridge players, the NIBU is issuing a reminder to all players of the need for ethical behaviour at all times.  There are numerous reports of people perceived to be deliberately CHEATING when playing online.  All members should be in no doubt that the NIBU is taking each case extremely seriously and there will be consequences for anyone found to be cheating.

Players should note that all on-line competitions are being monitored for repeated signs of suspicious or unusual play. A number of players are currently serving suspensions.

NIBU ‘No Robot’ Tournaments

There has been an increase in the number of players partnering robots in the NIBU Thursday and Sunday tournaments. Members have expressed their frustration with this as they do not enjoy playing against robots. NIBU has therefore decided to carry out a trial of ‘no robot’ tournaments on Thursday evenings starting on 27th July and finishing on 31st August. Robots will only be used if an odd number of pairs register to obviate the need for sitouts.

Players who wish to enter but do not have a partner can make use of the BBO Partnership Desk – instructions on using this are available by clicking the link below. The facility is available once the event is open for registration at 5pm, players must then remain online in order that they can respond to invitations.

BBO Partnership Desk

If the event starts with an odd number of pairs the TD will substitute sitouts with players from the Partnership Desk and/or robots, should players included in this not wish to continue they can logout and will be substituted with a robot.

Feedback, both positive and negative, is welcomed – preferably towards the end of the trial period. This can be done through the ‘Contact Us’ option on the website.

Ciara Burns Gala Pairs

The Ciara Burns Gala Pairs took place in Kelvin Malone Bridge Centre on Sunday 30 July 2023. Marvellous to see 20 pairs taking part. Many thanks to KMBC for hosting this competition and a special thanks to Joan Baird and her team for providing a wonderful lunch. Congratulations to winners John and Jackie Flynn, as Intermediate B players, being overall winers. Trophies and prize monies were awarded to winners. Full results here.

Ciara Burns Gala Pairs – Prizewinners
Intermediate League – Prizewinners

NIBU – AGM 2023

The Annual General Meeting of the NIBU was held at Kelvin Malone Bridge Centre on Sunday 25th June at 2pm. . Papers and reports tabled at the AGM are available in the ‘Members Only Section/Council and AGM’ on the website. Draft Minutes to follow.
Presentation of Trophies:

Egan Trophy 2023

The Egan Trophy, the IBU All-Ireland Top Teams Championship, was held ‘face to face’ in La Mon Hotel and Country Club, Belfast over the weekend of 27-28 May 2023.

Results can be viewed here.