A Personal Thanks……

…. to all those who helped me make the Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer events so successful.
Helen Hall (International Match Manager)

  • Fearghal O’Boyle and Mairead Basquille. Fearghal acted as Chief TD and Mairead as Scorer.  It was a privilege to be part of their team for the weekend.
  • Ian Hamilton.  With twelve teams playing on two floors, a second TD was required for this event.  Ian volunteered to direct the Peggy Bayer (under 21’s) and did a superb job.
  • Anne Hassan.  Anne organised all the accommodation and meal requirements at the venue with her customary skills.  She also organised the Sunday night banquet preparing table plans, menus, flowers and flags for tables, not to mention photo sessions for all the teams.
  • Liz Scott.   Liz organised the Vugraph rota and managed to ensure that two of the three Junior Camrose matches were broadcast for the entire weekend. She personally vugraphed a session for the entire weekend – a major accomplishment.
  • The Vugraph team.  Each member of this team gave up their valuable time over the weekend to broadcast the play and bidding of the matches.  Over the weekend we had approximately 1200 kibitzers, making the team’s efforts so worthwhile. 👌

    The team consisted of Liz Scott, Ken Hammond, Colin Jeffries, Joan Baird, Drew Lindsay and Brian Mullan.  Thank you to Dicken Sargent, a parent of a player, who covered a few sessions. A special thanks to Diane Greenwood and Wayne Somerville for standing in at short notice.
  • Michael McFaul and Ian Lindsay.  These two colleagues helped me set up the four playing rooms on the Thursday afternoon.  Within a few hours the 6 Junior Camrose  tables were erected (no mean task), bidding boxes opened and placed, signage erected.
  • Sandie Millership. Sandie, as well as being NPC for the NI Peggy Bayer Team, organised ‘Speedball’ bridge on the Saturday evening i.e. 3 minutes allowed per board. Lots of joviality and camaraderie. It was rewarding to see all the young players mingling, having great fun and …. possibly romancing👌?
    Sandie, with help from Brian Mullan, dealt the boards for the Junior Camrose.
  • CBAI.  This is the first time in many years that Bridge Great Britain has hosted 6 teams in both the Junior Camrose and the Peggy Bayer so CBAI assisted in the dealing and delivery of these boards to the venue.
  • Michael McFaul.  Michael helped me to dismantle the table and screens (again, not a mean task), on the Monday morning.  In addition, he enabled the return of the boards to the CBAI.
  • All the Players and Team Captains. All matches were played in an excellent spirit with all participants treating opponents, partners and officials with respect.