Teltscher Trophy Trials – 2021

This event will be played on RealBridge over the weekend of April 16-18th in tandem with the Lady Milne Trophy.

The NIBU are holding midweek trials to select a team on 16-17th and 23-24th February.  
Final Results
Delayed Kibitzing
Timetable of play

For more details on pairs trialling and their convention cards, continue reading.

Pairs trialling for the Teltscher Trophy (in order of entry) are as follows:

Harold Curran & Howard Kent-Webster
Michael O’Kane & Michael McFaul
Ian Hamilton & Ian Lindsay
Brian McDowell & Alan Sharp
Rex Anderson & David Greenwood
Greer Mackenzie & Robin Burns
John Ferguson & Tony Kelly
Michael Coffey & John Lavery

To access a pair’s convention card, click on their names.